Love Me True

This seems to be the time of year when people are thinking of love.  I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and our relationship…even more so after reading this book.

While this book talked about many relationships issues that I do not have experience with it did give me some ideas on how I can improve my marriage relationship through better communication.


Some of my favorite parts

In Chapter 5 it described an experiment where a woman received random shocks to her big toe and if her husband (if they were in a healthy relationship) held her hand a calming effect was noticed.  This immediately reminded me of giving birth and holding my husband’s hand…I guess it eases the pain!

Chapter 8 talked about being hangry and tired/worn out…some feelings that I think most moms have felt!  And something I really try to prevent!

This book seemed to be geared toward those who were struggling in their marriage relationships.  But there definitely were some takeaways and interesting points.  It made me stop and consider how I might make my relationship stronger and avoid small deceptions.

I was given this book for free to review.  All opinions are my own.

Hot/Cold Pack to the Rescue

I knew I was going to like this product as soon as I opened it up.  Inside the box were two hot/cold packs and a flexible belt.


Like many people, I made some New Year’s Goals that included getting healthy.  One of the ways I am doing that is by exercising…every weekday.  And I am still going strong.  Here’s the thing…I have this knee that sometimes gives me some grief after I’m done exercising.

What is helping?  This cold pack and my Deep Blue!


I love using this cold pack on my knee when it is bothering me.  The belt wraps snugly around my knee…but not too tight.  And I can walk around and do my mom things while it stays put on my knee.

This comes with not 1 but 2 hot/cold packs…which means I can put one in the freezer for my cold pack and keep one out for when I need a hot pack.

I love that the hot pack can be heated in the microwave and also by putting it in hot water.  That could be handy if I wanted to take it camping or use it when the power was out.

You can order yours here.

This is a great product…and I’m not just saying that because I received it free in return for an honest review.

Bible Origami to the rescue!

Sunday’s can be tricky.  We try to avoid a lot of outside media and influences and sometimes we aren’t in the mood for more Living Scriptures and Liken movies.  Sometimes a mom needs a nap and doesn’t want to play a game.  Well…now I have another tool in my Sunday toolbox now!  Bible Origami by Todd Huisken has been a fun way to get creative, talk about some Bible stories, and spend some quality family time together.

I love how each of the 24 designs are leveled 1-3…this helps me know which ones my younger ones would be able to attempt.  This is a fun way to bring some interaction into any family gospel discussion…plus I love how kids start to talk to you when they are doing something with their hands!

You can see my cute little blue fish on top of the book.

While I haven’t used this book outside of my home…I can see it being a creative addition to youth group Bible lessons.  I love the Did You Know section on each page…I found the little known tidbits about the Bible stories interesting and fun to discuss with my family.

Resistance Bands

I saw these resistance bands and thought they would be great to help provide some variety to my workouts…which they do!  What I didn’t consider until after I got them (and I watched my kids having a great time playing with them!) is that they would be great for using with my kids.

My kids were immediately drawn to the bright colors.  Thankfully, there were enough bands for everyone…so there was no fighting!  (That can sometimes be a problem around here!)

I searched on Google and found several ideas that I could use specifically for sensory processing issues (which is what I’m focusing on).  I have added resistance bands into our rotation of activities with great success.

I received these resistance bands at a discount in return for an honest review.

Growing Up With Conference

General Conference is a big deal for those who are LDS…I’ve heard it described as a “Mormon Superbowl.”  General Conference is a weekend twice a year (April and October) where we get to listen to talks from the leaders of our church.  It is great time to feel spiritually uplifted and spend some good family time together.

We do several things in our home to make it a special and fun weekend.  For the Sunday sessions we spend all day in our pajamas and start the day with cinnamon and orange rolls (I only make those for General Conference and Christmas!)  Between sessions we like to go outside and play some active games on the grass.  And during the Sunday afternoon session we always eat ice cream sundaes…it’s the only time of year when I buy ice cream toppings!

I used to involve a lot more candy incentives during conference but I have backed off of those…and during the last conference in October I bought no candy or sweets…I think the sweet rolls on Sunday morning and ice cream sundaes in the afternoon are plenty.

This book is full of ideas to help families get excited about General Conference as well as Family Home Evening lessons and other ideas to help teach children the gospel.  I was excited to review this book because I’m always looking for some new ideas to help me help my children gain a stronger testimony.

Image result for growing up with conference

Here are 2 ideas from the book that I plan on using:

  1.  A General Conference countdown.  I’ve seen a few countdown activities but have never been inspired to incorporate one in our home.  However, when I saw the service countdown idea I knew that was the one for me!  I am excited to do this with my children to prepare for the April conference…although, to be honest…I think I will just do a 7 day countdown.  I have to keep things simple around here!
  2. I also really liked the idea of the Hobby Lobby tray.  I always print out coloring pages and other activity sheets for my kids to work on during the talks.  I think this tray would bring some new excitement to the day (plus it will make a great little table for our ice cream sundaes!)

This book is sure to have something that will inspire you to take the gospel teaching in your home to the next level.

I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Nourishing Meals

I love the thought of nourishing my children, not just putting a meal on the table for them to eat…hence, I love the name of this book.

Image result for nourishing meals book

My 15 year old daughter stopped eating sugar about 2 months ago.  It has been interesting as we have looked for recipes and alternatives that she would enjoy.  I was pretty excited as I looked at the dessert section of this book and found that none of the recipes contained regular white sugar….when I told her she got excited and took the book from me to look at!

Each section of this book has an intro with some 10 tips to either make that type of meal or make what you already do healthier.

There are some unfamiliar ingredients that they use for thickeners…I would likely just use cornstarch.

Overall this looks like a great book that I will refer to often when I’m out of dinner ideas and looking for something healthy to serve to my family.

 I received this book in return for an honest review


Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life

So…I have a sophomore this year who is taking US History.  And…she has taken quite a liking to Alexander Hamilton.  In fact, she is planning on naming her first born son…Alexander!

She has explained to me her reasons for liking this Founding Father of ours so much.  She likes that he came from such poor circumstances and with a lot of determination made quite a name for himself.  She likes his point of view on many topics that came up in the beginning of our country’s history.

This book was a fun and easy read…once I got my hands on it.  My daughter snatched it up as soon as she saw it and it took me 24 hours to get a hold of it!  The author leads us into Alexander’s life in an easygoing manner that made it fun to get to know this man.

Image result for alexander hamilton's guide to life

He showed amazing determination to overcome his lack of education during his childhood.  He worked and persevered to accomplish his vision…too bad he met an untimely death, it may have been interesting to see what else he could have done.

If you have any early American history buffs living in your house or teens listening to the Hamilton soundtrack while doing their geometry and/or algebra homework (not that I would know anything about that)…then this might be a fun book for you.

I will note that his moral compass as far as sexual purity was not on target…so this book may not be appropriate for young children because it does point out his shortcomings in this area.

I received this book for free in return for an honest review.