He Said She Said

“Couples that play together stay together”

I believe that a good marriage between a man and a woman is the most important relationship we can create on this earth.  However, it is not easy!  I know…you already know that!

Sometimes I feel sad because many people that I know are able to get away with their husbands for vacations…some go to really wonderful places all over the world.  I get jealous!

Couple vacations just haven’t worked for us.  We are pretty hands on parents and don’t leave our kids with others very often…even less often now that we have children old enough to babysit!

I am grateful to get away on a Friday or Saturday night to go do some grocery shopping with my guy…it is a real treat when we get to enjoy a dinner out or watch a movie at the theatre.

This sentence in an article in the Marriott Alumni Magazine caught my eye.

“Everyday activities-like watching Netflix, walking the dog, or cooking together-contribute more to marital bliss than the occasional tropical getaway.”

Really!  I don’t have to go on a tropical getaway to have a great marriage!  I love that…it is a relief to know that I can nurture my relationship with my husband without needing to take grand vacations with him…although, I can still dream of doing that someday!

I love this guy and all he does to help me create wonderful memories for our family.


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