Am I Ready to Hunker Down?

This story caught my eye today on my Facebook feed about the crisis in Venezuela.  The tagline…”A desperate mother trying to put food on the kitchen table.” made me wonder what this mother was doing to feed her family.  I feel for her and for so many other mothers around the world and in our own country who struggle to feed their children.


Recent events around the world and in the United States have made me step back once again and ask myself if I would be prepared for an emergency.  If there were riots or some kind of emergency in my community I would want to be able to hunker down at home for awhile until the trouble was over.

The Red Cross recommends that we have supplies for 3 days and here is another list from FEMA that also recommends having food and other items to last 3 days.

This is a good post with some ideas on shelf stable meals to store for emergencies.  Everything looks like items I could pack in a box and store in my pantry…rotating certain things a couple of times a year (except for bread for the sandwiches…maybe I could rotate crackers in the box instead).  It isn’t how we would normally eat…but in an emergency situation it would be wonderful to have these things ready to go.


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