4 Shelf Stable Dinners

As a follow-up to this post…I put together 4 dinner meals with ingredients that I could just pack in a box and put in the pantry.

My Meals:

  1. Butter & Herb Pasta, canned chicken, canned green beans
  2. Taco Rice, can black beans, can beef, canned corn
  3. Chicken Flavor Noodles, canned chicken, freeze-dried peas
  4. Teriyaki Noodles, canned tuna, canned carrots


These were easy and fast to put together.  I just put the ingredients for each meal in a grocery sack, put the sacks in a box, and put the box in a closet.


  • This is not how we normally eat…I like fresh vegetables and I rarely use prepacked foods.  I prefer to cook from scratch…however, in an emergency situation I want to keep things simple and easy.  These are meals that even my 10 year old could prepare if I should be unavailable.
  • I hate canned peas!  Fresh peas are wonderful and I like frozen peas…freeze dried peas are really good as well, although expensive.  So, this is not an item I buy and use regularly…I did have a couple of packages that I used for this project.  I have bought mine here, but I see you can also buy them on Amazon.  Obviously, they are expensive…so I don’t recommend making them part of your regular meal rotations.
  • I plan on using these meals in 6 months and then putting together new ones…this will keep the ingredients fresh and will give us a chance to eat them and make changes if we want to.

Adventure for Two


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