Nourishing Meals

I love the thought of nourishing my children, not just putting a meal on the table for them to eat…hence, I love the name of this book.

Image result for nourishing meals book

My 15 year old daughter stopped eating sugar about 2 months ago.  It has been interesting as we have looked for recipes and alternatives that she would enjoy.  I was pretty excited as I looked at the dessert section of this book and found that none of the recipes contained regular white sugar….when I told her she got excited and took the book from me to look at!

Each section of this book has an intro with some 10 tips to either make that type of meal or make what you already do healthier.

There are some unfamiliar ingredients that they use for thickeners…I would likely just use cornstarch.

Overall this looks like a great book that I will refer to often when I’m out of dinner ideas and looking for something healthy to serve to my family.

 I received this book in return for an honest review



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