Hot/Cold Pack to the Rescue

I knew I was going to like this product as soon as I opened it up.  Inside the box were two hot/cold packs and a flexible belt.


Like many people, I made some New Year’s Goals that included getting healthy.  One of the ways I am doing that is by exercising…every weekday.  And I am still going strong.  Here’s the thing…I have this knee that sometimes gives me some grief after I’m done exercising.

What is helping?  This cold pack and my Deep Blue!


I love using this cold pack on my knee when it is bothering me.  The belt wraps snugly around my knee…but not too tight.  And I can walk around and do my mom things while it stays put on my knee.

This comes with not 1 but 2 hot/cold packs…which means I can put one in the freezer for my cold pack and keep one out for when I need a hot pack.

I love that the hot pack can be heated in the microwave and also by putting it in hot water.  That could be handy if I wanted to take it camping or use it when the power was out.

You can order yours here.

This is a great product…and I’m not just saying that because I received it free in return for an honest review.


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